The Cook Islands enjoy a warm climate with plenty of sunshine hours. The Cooler months are June and July where the minimum temperature still remains above 15C. December through March are the warmest months and are also the wettest months. The water temperature never gets below 23C.

Light clothing is all that is required for most months although a sweatshirt may be required in the Cooler periods.

Where are you coming from?

With an International Airport you can arrive with Air New Zealand, Virgin (Pacific Blue), Air Rarotonga from several destinations – Los Angeles, Fiji, Tahiti, Auckland and Christchurch, on flights that arrive most days of the week. Many of these flight link in with incoming flights from Australia.

When do they work in paradise?  

Business hours in Rarotonga are from 8am to 4pm, Mon to Friday and 9am to 12 noon on Saturdays. On Saturday the market is open from 7am-12pm featuring all local produce, crafts and food.

Cant leave home without one?  

Telecom is the major telecommunications provider in the Cook Islands. Internet cafes are available for checking your emails. Before traveling check in to for the latest information on mobiles (cell phones) and email options.

The international phone code for the Cook Islands is +682.

Need wheels  

Scooters are the most popular form of transport hire on the island, however cars are also available. You will need a licence from the Police Headquarters in Avarua to be able to drive in Rarotonga. This will cost $10.

Click Here for more information about getting around the island.

How long can I stay?  

You can stay in Rarotonga for up to 31 days with only the need for a valid passport and a return ticket. Should you wish to stay longer visas can be obtained for extra months (up to a maximum of 3 months).

What we all want to know but don’t want to know 

There are modern hospital services on the Islands with well-trained medical staff.

Doctors and dentists are available 24 hours a day. There are several pharmacies around the island including one situated in CITC in the main street of town.


Rarotonga uses New Zealand dollars as the primary currency.

ANZ, Westpac and Western Union are the banks in Avarua. Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s) are available in some areas.


It is not customary to tip in the Cook Islands. However should you have enjoyed the service you have received gratuities are acceptable. Wage levels for service staff in Rarotonga is not high on world standards.

Electricity: 230 volts, 50hz

Your ‘little black book’ during your visit:

20 621
Cook Islands Cultural Village -
21 314
Game Fishing Club -
21 349
Island Car & Bike Hire -
22 632
Rarotonga Sailing Club -
27 350
Rarotonga Rentals -
22 326
Pa’s Cross Island Trek / Pa’s Nature Walk -
21 079
Budget -
20 895
Pacific Art -
20 200


Natural perfection for a perfect holiday.


The destination.

Rarotonga is the quintessential tropical island of the South Pacific. Volcanic in formation and enclosed by a surrounding reef and aqua blue waters.



Lots to do.

There is lots to do in The Cook Islands. Snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, dining out, fishing, exploring, learning the local culture or simply just chilling out.

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Getting Around

The whole island is a resort.

32 kilometres around it is a delight to discover. Pearl white beaches, secret swimming holes, waterfalls, trendy Cafe's, local markets and much much more!

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