Rarotonga is very different to other South Pacific destinations. When you step off your international flight you are where you want to be for your holiday. You don’t have to catch further flights to get what we all want as tropical tourists...pearl white beaches and aqua blue lagoons.

On Rarotonga, we all enjoy a slow pace of life, so if you're looking for a speedy holiday then Rarotonga is not for you. don't come here! Your stress while holidaying on Rarotonga will be restricted to how much sun you want take or whether you will have a swim or snorkel in the warmest of warm turquoise blue waters of the surrounding lagoon. While Rarotonga is one of the worlds best places to ‘chill out’ while lying on the palm fringed beaches, there are, however, many things to do. We list just some of the activities below - everything from diving and surfing, to golf or trekking!

If you're a bit of a night-owl, there’s plenty of fun to be had! Dancing is an important part of Cook Islands culture, and a visit to an Island Night is a must while you are here. You'll be amazed by the energetic drumming and vibrant exotic dancing in the unforgettable shows. If you just want to party, there are plenty of bars in which to try the local beer! Go to Trader Jacks on a Friday night and you might just meet all the locals.


Rarotonga is what we all imagine when thinking of that ideal tropical island.

Rarotonga is what we all imagine when thinking of that ideal tropical island. Rising from the sea the island is dominated by a central dormant volcano peak and circled by a coastal plain and pearl white beaches and then totally surrounded by a rich coral reef. The island stands 14,750 feet (4500m) above the ocean floor. It is 20 miles (32k) in circumference.At a depth of 13,000 feet (4000m) the volcano is some 31 miles (50k) in diameter. The highest peak is 2140 feet (658m) above sea level and the island is surrounded by a lagoon which extends several hundred yards to the reef which then slopes steeply to deep water.

The island's present-day name stems from 'raro' meaning 'down' and 'tonga' meaning 'south'.

The most popular version of its origin is that the famous Tahitian navigator, Iro, visited it once and some years later while on Mauke he met Tangiia who asked where he was going. Iro replied: 'I am going down to the south.' The Samoan voyager, Karika, is also reputed to have called it Rarotonga when he first saw it from the north-east because it was to leeward -- 'raro' -- and towards the south -- 'tonga'.

Rarotonga - is the capital of the Cooks with the highest population at 12,000 people. Tall lush peaks are surrounded by breathtaking beaches, a stunning clear lagoon and encircling coral reef. The main town of Avarua is on the north side of the island, and has many cafes and souvenir shops with a great array of gifts like pareu (sarongs), carvings, the famous black pearls and local art work. There is a main road encompassing the whole island, making it easy to get around and explore the other villages, and visit the many stunning beaches on the southern side of the island or the western side to watch the glorious sunset whilst sipping a happy hour cocktail.


Natural perfection for a perfect holiday.


The destination.

Rarotonga is the quintessential tropical island of the South Pacific. Volcanic in formation and enclosed by a surrounding reef and aqua blue waters.



Lots to do.

There is lots to do in The Cook Islands. Snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, dining out, fishing, exploring, learning the local culture or simply just chilling out.

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Getting Around

The whole island is a resort.

32 kilometres around it is a delight to discover. Pearl white beaches, secret swimming holes, waterfalls, trendy Cafe's, local markets and much much more!

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